What to bring for a Waterfall Elopement in Costa Rica?  This country is a natural paradise brimming with stunning waterfalls, making it the ideal destination for romantic elopements and destination weddings. However, it’s impossible to visit all the waterfalls in just one trip. Some waterfalls are easily accessible and perfect for couples who prefer not to walk much, while others are reserved for the more adventurous.


With several years of experience accompanying couples on their special day, here are some key recommendations to ensure your waterfall elopement in Costa Rica is an unforgettable experience.

What to Bring for a Perfect Waterfall Elopement in Costa Rica
Elopement photo: A couple in front of La Fortuna waterfall. Passionately kissing

What to bring for a Waterfall Elopement in Costa Rica?

1.  Dress and Suit

For your Costa Rica waterfall elopement, it’s essential to bring a comfortable and functional dress. Opt for dresses that allow you to move easily and that you don’t mind getting dirty or wet.

Research the climate of the location: if it’s cold, select a dress that keeps you warm; if it’s hot, choose something more breathable.

For the suit, make sure it’s comfortable and allows for easy movement. This will let you enjoy the moment without any discomfort.


Depending on the location, you can first walk in sportswear and change near the waterfall (as long as you’re comfortable changing behind a tree) to avoid getting dirty before the ceremony.


If getting dirty is not an issue, you can change into your formal attire before starting the walk.

What to Bring for a Perfect Waterfall Elopement in Costa Rica
2. Shoes

The right footwear is crucial. Wear comfortable shoes that suit the terrain: they can be sneakers, sandals, or even barefoot, depending on the location. Check with the photographer or call the reception of the chosen waterfall for advice.

3. Prepare for walking

Some waterfalls require a one-hour walk or more to reach, while others are easily accessible with a five-minute walk. Research the waterfall you like to see if it matches your preferences.

4. Enjoy the weather

Tropical weather can change quickly, so it’s important to be prepared for anything. Embrace the weather you get; even rain can be magical, and photos in the rain can be extremely romantic and sensual.

5. Waterproof jacket (if it’s rainy season)

I recommend bringing a waterproof jacket to protect yourself from the rain, at least before the ceremony starts. After that, enjoy the experience under the rain.

What to Bring for a Perfect Waterfall Elopement in Costa Rica
6. Bring a waterproof bag & Snacks

A waterproof bag is essential to carry items you don’t want to get wet. Pack drinks to stay hydrated and some snacks, such as:


– Water

– Energy drinks

– Cookies

– Nuts

– Fruits

– Chocolate


Also, keep your valuable belongings like cell phones and wallets in the bag to avoid bulging pockets.

7. Extra clothes

Bring extra clothes to change into after the elopement. This will allow you to be more comfortable and continue enjoying the day without worries.

8. Pack only the essential

Sometimes the walks can last up to three hours, so consider not carrying too many items in your bag—just the essentials—to avoid exhausting yourself from carrying too much.

What to bring for a perfect waterfall Elopement in Costa Rica
These recommendations are designed to help you have a wonderful experience during your waterfall elopement in Costa Rica. Plan well, enjoy the surroundings, and live an unforgettable day.


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